Cooling tower fillers are processed by PVC materials. This material uses a honeycomb design principle. It can increase the cooling power of the cooling tower during the cooling tower, greatly reduce the investment consumption of the cooling tower, and increase the cooling of the cooling tower at the same time. effect. The temperature resistance of the filler is 50 ℃ ~ 68 ℃, aging resistance, excellent performance, anti -ultraviolet rays, and long life.

Various types of film fills with a large, specific surface area are ideal for good to medium water quality, while grid fills are best suited for heavily contaminated water or special operating conditions. Regardless of your particular processes, however, we are here to help: We will be happy to assist you in the planning and implementation of your cooling systems and provide you with our wealth of knowledge, which we have acquired through many years of experience. With our broad portfolio of cross- and counter-flow cooling components, drift eliminators, splash and trickle fills and more, you are sure to find the right cooling components for your application – in polypropylene or in PVC.