Measurement methods

As a Cooling Tower Fill Manufacturer, share with you. The cooling tower packing is made of pvc or pp materials. After they are made, they are made in whole. We need to mold according to the required pattern, so that products of different brands. When we use it, we need to tailor the filler size according to the size of the cooling tower, so that it can be used directly.

After the filler is produced, it is piece by piece. When we use it, we need to use the special glue for the filler to paste it, and we must align it when we paste it, so that it will be a piece of filler after it is finished. We can directly apply it Put it into the tower for use.

Hanging hole size

  1. Hanging hole distance
  2. Hanging hole length
  3. Hanging hole width

Cooling tower suspension filler size

  1. PVC fill length
  2. PVC fill width


Cooling tower filler thickness

Cooling tower filler thickness

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