Marley MBX EZ Pack film fill is a high-performing, bottom-supported PVC crossflow pack fill with integral louvers and drift eliminators, specifically designed for fill replacement projects.

The contractor-friendly fill design makes installation fast and easy without requiring major tower modifications.

The EZ Pack film fill incorporates highly efficient cellular drift eliminators, which are integrally molded into the fill sheets. These eliminators may reduce drift emissions from the tower by a factor of 10 or more. Louvers are also integrally molded within the fill sheets, preventing water from escaping and ensuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow.

MBX EZ Pack fill is available from the factory in various heights and air travels from 48” to 60”. It can be stocked and modified on-site for the exact air travel and height dimensions needed for crossflow cooling towers – regardless of tower age or manufacturer. Retrofit kits include fill packs and steel supports that require no hardware. MBX EZ Pack fill is stackable for use in modular towers, eliminating the need for mid-level structures.

MBX fill is thermoformed from inert PVC for long service life and minimal maintenance. The PVC has a flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM-84 and is considered self-extinguishing.