Select Direction of Cooling Tower Fill

Before you choose the cooling tower fills, you should know more your cooling tower condition and decide which types of cooling tower fills are best for you from the following aspects.

Crossflow cooling tower or counterflow cooling tower

There is different air flow in the crossflow and counterflow towers, so the cooling tower fills are also different for the maximum efficiency.

Cooling tower fills crossflow

Cooling tower fills crossflow

In crossflow towers, the water flows vertically through the fill while the air flows horizontally, across the flow of the falling water. Because of this, air does not have to pass through the distribution system, permitting the use of gravity flow hot water distribution basins mounted at the top of the unit above the fill.

Cooling tower fills counterflow

Cooling tower fills counterflow

Counterflow towers are designed so that air flows vertically upward, counter to the flow of falling water in the fill. Because of this vertical airflow, it is not possible to use the open, gravity-flow basins typical in crossflow designs. Instead, counterflow towers use pressurized, pipe-type spray systems to spray water onto the top of the fill. Since air must be able to pass through the spray system, the pipes and nozzles must be farther apart so as not to restrict airflow.

Film fill and splash film

There are two main types of cooling tower fills, you should decide which one is best for you.

Splash fill-Cooling tower fills
Film fill-Cooling tower fills crossflow
  • When the water is relatively clean and has good circulation. Either the film-fill and splash fill are available. This will be the expected condition in the majority of normal applications
  • If the circulating water is anticipated, splash film will be the only choice. Typical industry includes food processing, paper processing and the processing of soaps and cosmetics.
  • If the cooling tower fills will work in a dusty or wooden environment, or whose make-up supply will come from unclarified water, splash fill should be selected.

Material choice

You should choose the right cooling tower fills according to the working temperature and conditions.

  • When your working temperature is below 65 °C, you can choose the PVC cooling tower fills. And it is the most widely used type in the cooling towers.
  • If the working temperature ranges form 65 °C to 90 °C, the PP cooling tower fills is the best choice.
  • If the working temperature is higher than 90 °C and can achieve 100 °C, CPVC cooling tower fills is the ideal choice for your efficient working.