Ebara cooling tower is placed in the cooling tower and used to disperse water volume, which can increase the contact area of the air and water and quickly reduce the water temperature.

Ebara cooling tower filler flat tablet material requirements

1. The flat material of the water filler is plasticized and uniform, and there is no dispersion of unscrupulous auxiliary materials. The surface of the flat sheet is flat, without obvious holes, wrinkles and bubbles; no impurities greater than 1.0mm, the number of impurities with a particle size of 0.6mm-1.0mm does not exceed 20/m2, and the dispersal does not exceed 5/. The side is smooth and straight, without rupture and gap.

2. The thickness of the flat film is between 0.30 and 0.45.

Ebara Cooling Tower Food Material Requirements

1. The appearance and size of the molding film should meet the relevant requirements of the technical conditions of the cooling tower plastic component.

2. The forming tablets must be dot -wave fillers.

3. The size of the filler assembly block: the fillers in each tower are divided into two groups, each group is assembled by two filler blocks up and down. The assembly molding size × width × high data is 2400 × 850 × 1000mm. The bidding party should provide the entire filler that meets the size requirements, and must not be spliced. The main geometric size of the film is not greater than ± 5%, and the error is not greater than 1.0mm.

4. The spacing of the filling block of the filler is 16-18mm, and the spacing of the pitch of the filler assembly block allows the error error of not greater than ± 1.0mm. The size of the dilute fillery formation tablets should meet the design requirements. The length of the forming tablets and the allowable error of the width is ± 10mm, and the molding is rectangular; ; Diversification does not exceed 5/, and the damaged pores should not exceed 2mm; the side of the molding piece should be straight, there must be no cracks or obvious gaps, and one -sided must not be warped or arched.

5. The physical mechanical performance table serial number of the PVC filler tablets of the padding tablet is a unit indicator test method 1 density G/cm3 ≤1.55GB/T1033-1986 2 Stretching strength vertical and horizontal MPA ≥42.0 ≥38.0 GB/T13022-1991 3 Torn strength Vertical and horizontal MPA ≥150 ≥160 GB/T1130-1991 4 Low-temperature pairing test Cold-resistant temperature General type ≤-8DL/T742-2001 5 oxygen index % ≥28 GB/T2406-1993 Test report should be tested by qualified certification for third-party testing The agency issued that there is an index that does not meet the indicators listed in the table one by one as a unqualified product.

6. Platform should be assembled into pieces in a bonding type to ensure that the bonding is firm and the overall stiffness is good.

7. The filler assembly block should have sufficient stiffness and intensity. The standard test parts under the simplified conditions are loaded under 3000N/m2, and the support office and the adding lotus surface are not obviously warped and inverted. There is no residual deformation after the load, and there is no loosening point between the bonding point between the films.

Adhesive requirements:

The adhesive must have performance such as water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance. After 24 hours of bonding, the shear strength is not less than 1.37MPa. The test method of bonding strength is performed in “HG2-151-65”. The intact rate of the bonding point should be above 90%.