Cooling Tower Products & Solutions

Engineered to meet the demands of today’s most challenging cooling tower applications.

Counterflow Solutions

Brentwood offers the most complete line of counterflow film fills to fit any water requirements, from high-efficiency, cross-fluted fills to fouling-resistant, vertical fluted fill designs. These fills are complemented by industry-leading drift eliminators, louvers, nozzles, and a range of ancillary components engineered to improve cooling tower efficiency.


As one of first manufacturers to develop a fill solution designed specifically for crossflow tower applications, Brentwood offers a range of cooling tower products that optimize cooling. From specially-designed herringbone film fills to a full line of splash bars and modular splash fill options, – and the supports and drift eliminators needed to round out the job – we can help your cooling tower achieve high performance.

The Brentwood spirit has always been to take on any project – big or small, simple or complex – to serve our customers’ needs. Our wealth of product lines is a direct reflection of this ideology: we set out to solve a problem and succeeded.

While we got our start as a thermoformer in 1965, our willingness to learn about different plastics, applications, and industries led to the development of new capabilities. Since then, Brentwood’s plastics knowledge has extended well past thermoforming. From custom-blending materials to actively engaging in product design, we’ve become experts in all aspects of the plastics manufacturing process.

The breadth of our product portfolio and capabilities enabled Brentwood’s geographical expansion. What began as a small plastics business evolved into a global corporation with world-class facilities, including seven domestic sites that span from coast to coast and three international operations – located in Thailand, the Czech Republic, and India.

Brentwood’s success stems directly from our core values, which position us to serve our customers and inspire innovation across all levels of the organization.

To be among the top leaders in each of our industries…
leading in innovation.
Brentwood was built on innovation. It’s a tool that helps us to embrace change and allows us to take well-calculated risks. It enables our employees to be both strategic and creative as they develop new ways to accomplish tasks and solve problems.
value to the customer.
We pride ourselves on being more than a manufacturer – we are your partner. We take the time to fully understand your needs and make sure each product or system is carefully designed, constructed of the best quality material, and stringently tested to your performance standards. If we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it well; we will never compromise on the value we deliver to our customers.
and customer service.
It is our aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with the highest level of service. Brentwood’s market-specific customer service representatives are available to answer your questions, provide the necessary technical data, and ensure that your project flows smoothly from concept through final delivery.